Will Conor McGregor easily knockout Justin Gaethje?

That’s the judgment of Eddie Alvarez, a martial artist who has fought both Conor McGregor and Justin Gaethje on the most powerful skill they have ever shown: Striking.

Justin Gaethje has just kept the temporary Lightweight belt, Conor McGregor immediately talk about full weight. That’s what the audience can see right after the UFC 249 event ended on May 10.

But also need to repeat that, previously, Justin Gaethje was the one who constantly asked UFC to fight with Conor McGregor. Now that, having replaced Tony challenging Khabib for the match, Gaethje can use this position to “invite” Conor to the ring.

Against Conor, Justin Gaethje may not have had the chance to win the championship as with Khabib Nurmagomedov. But on the contrary, his name can spread like any fists placed next to “The Notorious”.

The script of the match between Gaethje and Conor is also a hotly debated topic. Because despite being a quality stand up fighter, Gaethje’s specifications are not as high as Conor McGregor. In contrast, the physical ability – the skill that Conor is most afraid of has not been shown by Gaethje in recent matches.

“I think it will be a knockout match.” – Eddie Alvarez, the former UFC champion who once met both Gaethje and Conor on the ring. In particular, Alvarez believes that people have more chances than Conor.

“The problem still lies with Justin, if he pulls Conor to the floor like Khabib did, or as I tried, then I have to praise him. But when both of them fight, Justin will make a lot of mistakes so Conor can take advantage of it“.

Eddie Alvarez lost the title to Conor in a one-sided knockout defeat at UFC 205 2016. In contrast, “The Underground King” knocked out Justin Gaethje at UFC 218 with three breathtaking matches. Encountering both of them on their most powerful skills, Eddie Alvarez’s assumption is entirely grounded if Conor and Gaethje face off on the ring.  

However, it should be pointed out that Justin Gaethje of the last 4 matches has been completely different. “Highlight” began to be more careful and calculated, using many moves instead of risking sweeping as before. But is evolution enough to defeat a skilled fighter, especially the powerful hands of Conor McGregor?