Why is BJJ the top self-defense choice for women?

Besides sports like Boxing, MMA or Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu is also an effective and practical martial art. This is even the most suitable martial art for women.

Because both the skeleton and body structure are weaker than that of men, the practice of self-defense, or in other words, the combat training is not consistent with the biological structure of women. However, inappropriate is not impossible, girls can still find pure martial arts like BJJ.

Women’s bones have narrow shoulders, thinner bones and smaller ribs making them physically weaker than men.

Highly effective in self-defense

For women, BJJ is really more effective than Boxing or MMA, Kickboxing, … for simple reasons, BJJ is really suitable for women. If Boxing, Muay or Kickboxing have high demands on strength, in Ju-Jitsu, strength is not the most important thing of the game.

Ju-Jitsu, the top self-defense choice for girls

Although it is said to be a martial art of the arts, boxing still requires strength, something that women are not born with.

Ignoring the requirement of strength, punching and kicking is also human’s natural fighting instinct, pure striking subjects like Boxing or Muay simply optimize the entire fighting instinct of the fighter. In other words, anyone can throw a punch. If you learn to punch for 1-2 months, you can still lose a tough guy.

Meanwhile, in BJJ, every match is brought back to the posture and lying down, which is completely contrary to the basic human fighting instinct. Therefore, if you apply BJJ in practice, you will be more difficult to resist. Brazilian Martial Arts is now an almost mandatory martial art for professional MMA fighters, which is not a clear demonstration of its effectiveness.

More difficult to trauma

Because BJJ’s characteristic is only wrestling, the moments of squeezing are moderated in the gym, so Ju-Jitsu is much more difficult to suffer than injuries than pure vertical martial arts. If in vertical fighting, you have to “punch to get familiar with face, take blow to familiarity”, in BJJ, you are just tired with messy hair.

Realistic situation

Almost 80% of the well-balanced BJJ matches are in closed guard, the strongest defense as well as the posture that contains the most unexpected elements. This is also a common posture in fights when the two begin to embrace each other. If mastered in this posture, women can easily control and counter-attack than swing their fists.

With the above reasons, BJJ has become the number one self-defense martial art for women. Even in a self-defense clip of the Gracie family, the daughter-in-law of this famous family once strangled her husband to unconscious, Rener Gracie, who is a BJJ legend, victim of this self-defense clip.