When is a BJJ ready to play MMA?

BJJ is an important foundation in MMA, but not just being a BJJ black belt means you can succeed in this great arena. To come to the MMA, a BJJ fighter needs to prepare a lot.

First, you must know that all MMA matches start with standing on feet. You cannot take advantage of a sitting or crawling position to go deep into your opponent.

This means that, you need to understand the standing range, master your own right of charge and capture the opponent’s attack intent. You need to have a certain level of striking skills, skills to defend against punches, kicks, elbows, pillows before thinking about knocking your opponent down.

Moving from pure BJJ to MMA is something very different.

Not only about standing up, even the case, the clinch in MMA is very different from the BJJ competition, you will have to fight Dirty Boxing, Muay Thai pillow shots.

Gone are the days when you only needed to master the wrestling skills and mastered an MMA match. MMA fighters today all know the skills you know. They know how to deal with a grappler, so you need to know how to deal with a striker.

Second, you have to become a little more aggressive. You must learn to actively attack if you want to move into an MMA career. In BJJ matches, you can play passively defensively and waiting to attack.

Roger Gracie, despite getting Tim Kenedy’s back early, was still beaten by the mid-range grappler on grappling himself.

But once there is a striking element of power entering a match, you are forced to know how to respond otherwise you will quickly be swallowed by the rain of opponent’s attacks.

Finally, you must always keep your body in top shape. If in Bjj, experience and technique can easily win over power, then in MMA, that is not possible. MMA is a game with a much harsher pace of competition than BJJ because of the more open and dangerous rules of the game than the BJJ rules. A powerful lucky punch can still change an MMA match.