UFC boxer Geoff Neal revealed to have congestive heart failure before fighting Stephen Thompson

Do not consider this as an excuse for failure, but Geoff Neal’s sharing created a wave of questions about the safety of the boxers when on the radio.

Leading the last UFC event in 2020, the talented Welterweight glove Geoff Neal was blocked from a 5-win streak against veteran boxer “Wonderboy” Stephen Thompson.

Poor opponent in terms of technique and speed, Neal let Thompson lead for 5 rounds until accepting a 50-45 score defeat from all 3 judges.

Share after the match, the boxer with the nickname “Handz of Steel” thanked the audience cheering him. However, in addition Geoff Neal also revealed the serious incident he met before the match.

Geoff Neal lost points after 5 strenuous games against Stephen Thompson. “I want to thank my supporters and friends.” – Neal opened the post on Instagram. “Despite the unexpected results, I’m still happy, a lot of complicated things need to be resolved before this match.”

“Sepsis, congestive heart failure, 3 of my caregivers are positive for COVID. But luckily I can still play”.

In addition to the events before the game, the crash of head with Thompson caused a deep tear in Geoff Neal’s right eye, making him almost unable to see during the four games.

The talented American puncher revealed he had a health problem before the match.

Congestive heart failure is a condition in which the heart works inefficiently, reducing the heart’s pumping function, preventing the heart from being able to meet the body’s oxygen demand, causing blood stasis in the heart, lungs and other tissues, organs in the body.

If you really have this situation, it can be seen that Geoff Neal’s health is completely not good before the match. However, not so that he denied the victory of “Wonderboy” Stephen Thompson, completely acknowledging the opponent’s level.