Top 5 boxing movies worth watching

If you’re a fan of boxing, give these movies a try.

Although film can never replace the peak games, but the stories, the curtains behind the arena are these films show very well.

1. Million Dollar Baby

The character Frankie Dunn, played by actor Clint Eastwood, is a prominent boxing coach who stands on the sidelines of success. He has a rickety gym in Los Angeles. There, he met Maggie Fitzgerald, the “over-the-top” female boxer that changed Frankie’s outlook on life.

Maggie asked Frankie to train her to become a martial artist, although Frankie repeatedly refused but she still did not give up. Later, Frankie agreed to train Maggie. After the fluctuations surrounding these two characters, Maggie finally had the successful boxing career she expected.

The ending of “Million Dollar Baby” pushed the film to the climax of emotion. Maggie’s death was one of the powerful catalysts that made the movie a great success.

Million Dollar Baby (2004) | Râu Kiến

2. Raging Bull

“Raging Bull” is a masterpiece of Martin Scorsese. This is a film about the glory, love and sadness of a person who seems to have all but essentially nothing. The ups and downs of life “Jake” The Bronx Bull “LaMotta has been reproduced in detail.

LaMotta is described in two major respects. Firstly, LaMotta is a boxing champion who never gets knocked down on stage. Second, LaMotta is a failure in his own life. It was his anger and jealousy that destroyed his relationship with his wife and family. “The more successful Raging Bull” on the ring, the more pathetic he is outside of life.

3. The Fighter

“The Fighter” tells the story of Micky Ward’s ups and downs. However, the film rarely mentions Micky Ward’s heated fights but revolves around the contrasting relationship between Micky and his half-brother, Dicky Eklund.

Micky has never given up the desire to win every game to satisfy the family’s expectations. But most importantly, he still wants to overcome the big shadow of his brother Dicky Eklund – the fists who beat legendary Sugar Ray Leonard. Micky’s struggle also brought the audience through many emotions through the movie “The Fighter”.

Episode #3 - "The Fighter" - Two Guys, One Movie

4. Rocky

The Rocky role played by Sylvester Stallone has helped Sylvester’s name rise to superstar status. Rocky Balboa is an unknown fighter but fortunate to be given a chance, which is to fight the reigning world champion Apollo Creed.

After practicing with Mickey, Rocky was ready for the match. He wanted to prove that he could reach the level of Apollo and become a true legendary puncher.

The film ending is quite special. Images of Rocky and his girlfriend Adrian, holding hands and confessing their love. They no longer care about the outcome of the match. An extremely unexpected ending, full of meaning and equally emotional.

5. Cinderella Man

“Cinderella Man” is inspired by the story of champion James J. Braddock, better known as Cinderella Man. Overcoming difficulties in life, with an extraordinary determination and perseverance, Braddock has returned to the ring and determined to realize his dream of becoming a champion.

Right back on the first stage, Braddock had a magical victory. He then accepted the challenge of defending champion Max Baer. “Cinderella Man” has created trust and hope, bringing the dream of a good life to the American people who have been stripped of their citizenship.