The old opponent demanded a rematch of Tyson Fury after recovering from COVID-19

The opponent gave Tyson Fury a deep cut in 2019 that is insisting on a rematch. Of course, after he recovered from COVID-19.

According to manager Dimitriy Salita, Otto Wallin is trying to push a rematch against Tyson Fury. The idea came to light shortly after the Swede showed signs of COVID-19.

In September 2019, Tyson Fury had a tough battle with Otto Wallin, namely the British star who was then gifted by Wallin for a large cut. It is this cut that has made many fans and experts nervous before Fury vs Wilder 2. However, no one can think that Fury will KO Deontay Wilder.

The old opponent demanded a rematch of Tyson Fury after recovering from COVID-19

After winning the WBC heavyweight championship, the reputation of Tyson Fury became famous as well as Otto Wallin, who once made Tyson Fury difficult, remained as calm as ever. Perhaps this is the reason Wallin made Fury a top target even when COVID was suspected.

Wallin manager Salita said: “Otto (Wallin) is in New York. He is recovering and undergoing physical therapy for a foot injury. He will return to training as usual in May. He had a challenging few months with a foot injury and now the Coronavirus, but he’s still mentally and physically strong”.

Salita also added: “Tyson Fury is the king of heavyweight, in addition to Fury, I think Otto is one of the best fists. Until Otto plays about 2-3 warm-up matches, maybe he will completely ready for the rematch of Fury”.

Regarding Wallin’s COVID-19 suspicion, the boxer said he had symptoms such as loss of taste, mild fever. The main reason he did not dare to be subjective is that his mother and boyfriend after coming. His visit was diagnosed with COVID-19 at home. Wallin was also advised by the doctor to isolate himself and go to the hospital only when he feels worse.