The Dangers of Boxing

There is a truth that all activities involve boxing is risky because it affects directly to parts on body, especially the head. To reduce risk and injuries from boxing, the Boxing’s controlling bodies and the government have publicized regulations such as the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act. This rule for boxer is to comply with and protect himself in the match.

But the fact that, boxing can still cause serious effects to the health of boxer. This article will discuss more detail about dangers of boxing.

Head Injury

This is the most serious injury when boxing. According to the report of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, there are more than 90% of boxers have a brain injury. Maybe boxing only accounts for fewer deaths than other sports but the number of boxers being suffered in brain from head injury are the highest.

They compare that a boxer hits a direct blow to the head of competitor also like being hit by a 13-pound bowling ball traveling at 20 mph. In general, hitting on the head can lead to fractures for the bone on head or face, tissue of the brain. Only by hitting in boxing, it can cause damage for surface of the brain then it can cause lesions, bleed, or terribly large clots inside.

The level of injury will depend on professional or amateur of competitors. If boxer has experience about boxing injury, he can know which part should be hit or not, even which power we should use to reduce injuries for others. Whereas a amateur boxer can’t control all risk from any hitting to others. Then it leads to terrible result after boxing match.

Body Damage

Beside injuries from head, boxers are easy to receive unexpected injuries like: cuts, bruises, broken teeth, dental problems, broken ribs, internal bleeding damages