Steven Seagal passed the esoteric technique to former UFC champion Daniel Cormier

Steven Seagal is a famous martial arts master in Hollywood. Not only that, he is also quite active in martial arts sometimes too energetic.

Although Daniel Cormier will retire at UFC 252 regardless of winning or losing, that still doesn’t mean that the former heavy-duty UFC king won’t try to learn more tricks. And who will stand out to teach Cormier is none other than “master” Steven Seagal.

For many, Steven Seagal is not only a Hollywood action star, he is also a “martial arts master”. At one time, this master even claimed to have led many of the UFC legends to victory. The straight kick KO Vitor Belfort that made Anderson Silva’s trademark or a similar move Machida also used to finish off opponents (also belfort) is said to have learned from Seagal.

In the recent video clip, Steven Seagal continued to impart martial arts secrets to Daniel Cormier. However, the worrying thing for the Miocic is that as far as is known, it is an esoteric technique that, when properly implemented, cannot be defended. Before even teaching Cormier this technique, Steven Seagal also asked to turn off the camera to keep it a secret.

Steven Seagal said:  “Daniel (Cormier) asked me to show me a few superstitions, and I pointed it out. To see where it goes. You know, if he can do it right. , the match is over. Let’s say it’s over now and always”. 

Steven Seagal was once a comedian in the martial arts world when the actor was often accused of acting too hard, but quickly scolded the director whenever he was retaliated by his co-stars. Not to mention that this actor and director also has a habit of never letting himself be beaten in the script, in contrast to colleagues such as Dolph Lugren, Stallone, Van Damme… all of them have been. times bruised on screen.

During his martial arts career, this Aikido martial arts master was also accused of regularly taking advantage of his great bodybuilding to gain the upper hand in the famous “soft and rough” martial arts. The funny thing is when Steven Seagal insisted that he invented the front kick that Silva defeated KO Belfort while this kick exists in virtually every martial art. Even Anderson Silva had to make a correction: “No! No! Seagal didn’t teach me that blow”.

It is still not known whether Steven Seagal taught Cormier the death penalty or the famous front kick. All we know is that Seagal taught Cormier.