Rules in the Boxing Ring

Typically, a boxing match involves two people boxing for three-minute rounds, and they can fight for up to nine or twelve rounds. There is a minute between each round when boxers can receive advice from their respective coaches. Boxing rules are different depending on where the sport is held and the level of the participants. Violating the rules leads to a foul, and boxers can get a warning or deduction of points or even be disqualified by the referee.

Main Boxing Rules

  • Attacking method

During boxing, the only means of attack allowed is punching. This punching should not be below the belt or to the back of the opponents head or neck. This is to avoid critical injuries during the fight.

  • No use of ropes for leverage

Unlike wrestling, boxers are not allowed to use ropes around the ring to support themselves during the fight.

  • No hitting an opponent when down

When the opponent is floored either by a knockout or just by tripping themselves, you are not allowed to hit them, since they may not be able to defend themselves.

  • Recovery time

If a boxer is hit with a low blow, they are allowed up to five minutes to recover and then they can continue with the fight after that.

  • Unintentional foul

If a boxer commits an unintentional foul which makes them unable to continue with the fight before completing four rounds, the decision is left with the judges to decide if there was a contest or if they just declare it as a draw.

Other Rules

These are just a few rules applied in the boxing ring during the fight. There are other rules such as you cannot spit on your opponents, if you win by a knockdown you must move to the furthest neutral corner, the boxer on the ground has up to ten seconds to respond; otherwise, it will be a knockdown, among other rules.