Roy Jones Jr warns that he will play to the end if Mike Tyson tries to knockout

Although it’s just a performance match, there’s no guarantee when heavy legends like Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr go head-to-head.

On November 29, Boxing village will witness the return of two heavyweight boxing legends Mike Tyson and four-weight champion Roy Jones Jr.

Taking place in the exhibition match format, the match between Mike “steel” and Roy Jones Jr is expected to take place only within 8 rounds, using standard 12 oz gloves.

According to the organizers, this was not a punitive match between two boxers over the age of 50. However, under the evaluation of Roy Jones Jr, he will still be cautious before a knockout machine like Mike “steel”.

Because in the past, in 2004, a performance match involving Tyson took place under a not light script:

β€œHe (Mike Tyson) had a performance with Cory Sanders in 2004. Right in the first half, Mike punched Sanders.” – Roy Jones reported. “And you know what if it happens to me.”

β€œI will play to the dock. If Mike was going to punch me, it’d be best to punch me down. Because once I get back, I’ll switch to combat and he must be ready. ”

Indeed, Roy Jones Jr’s worries were not unfounded before Tyson’s training images recently.

The 54-year-old legend still shows terrifying strength and speed in training sessions and targeting his coach. Nothing can be guaranteed, Roy Jones Jr will stand before the shadow shots of 30 years ago.

Before the game, Roy Jones Jr shared that he would maintain his fitness at 205lbs (90.7 kg), which is the floor weight of the heavyweight for the upcoming match.

As for Mike Tyson, he said he will lose weight to 215lbs (96.75kg) for the first time so that the match can be fairest.