Punching Techniques Used in Boxing

Different boxers use different punching techniques. While some of them use one technique, other combine two or more techniques which works to their advantage during a match. In boxing, there are four main types of punches which include the cross, the jab, the hook and the uppercut. Except the jab, all the other punches are considered power punches.

The Cross

A cross is a straight rear hand punch. The punch is thrown from the chin straight towards the target. In order to secure the chin, the boxer then withdraws the lead hand and places it against the face at the same time. To increase the power of the punch, the boxer rotates the hips counter-clockwise.

The Jab

A boxer throws a jab from a guard position with a lead hand. It is a quick and straight punch which extends from the side of the torso. To protect the jaw, the rear hand is kept near the face. The boxer retracts the hand quickly to the guard position after hitting the target.

The Hook

The hook is thrown with a lead hand. The punch moves in a semi-circular movement towards the head but can also be directed towards the chest. The boxer draws the elbow back from the guard position with a horizontal fist. The boxer the keeps the rear hand near the face to protect the chin and the jaw.


In this punch, from a guard position, the boxer throws a vertical punch with the rear. He throws the punch upwards to lift the opponent up. When throwing an uppercut, the boxer pushes the knees upwards and turns their rear heel outward.

These are the main types of punches used by boxers. There other types of punches that are not commonly used because they are not always effective. Boxers have to master these techniques in order to remain competitive.