Mike Tyson received a $ 20 million offer from the bare-handed boxing tournament

The American legend is facing a terrible offer, but will he accept the upper floor in this risky arena.

In recent days, the Boxing community in the world is constantly sharing photos of Boxing legend Mike Tyson practicing again. Along with the information that the former American boxer will return in a charity match, fans are even more hoping to see Mike’s “Hurricane” fighting style after 15 years from the day he retired.

Prior to this information, the 53-year-old legend confirmed that he was pursuing a serious training program, including physical exercises and professional Boxing skills. And of course, all towards the goal of standing on the ring again.

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“I’m training to get back into the ring, maybe it will be a Boxing show. My goal is to be physically fit for at least 3 to 4 rounds in a charity match for example.” – Mike Tyson shared his homework schedule . “I do 2 hours of cardio, 1 hour of running or cycling and light lifting about 200 to 300 times. After that, spend about half an hour with the landing exercises”.

Not just a charity match, before the news that Mike Tyson could return, the famous American bare-handed boxing tournament BKFC (Bare Knuckle Boxing Championship) made a “terrible” offer to American punches.

Specifically, BKFC CEO David Feldman confirmed the tournament agreed to pay Mike Tyson $ 20 million to appear on their ring.

Tiết lộ lịch tập khủng, Mike Tyson nhận đề nghị 20 triệu đô từ giải Boxing tay trần

Although this is only a unilateral request from the BKFC, it can be seen that the information Mike Tyson is trying to return is true. Especially when the American legend shared about his martial arts training schedule.

Retired in 2005, 53-year-old former Boxer is currently focusing on legal marijuana production and business activities in the United States. He also appeared at sporting-entertainment events and showed close relationships with some of the bloody names of the opposition sports village, typically UFC president Dana White.