Mike Tyson is strong enough to win the world championship

Mike Tyson helped bring in huge revenue after the match against Roy Jones and was trusted by a boxing legend to win the world at the age of 54.

Legendary George Foreman recently commented that Mike Tyson can still afford to win the World Heavyweight Championship despite turning 54. Tyson has just returned to the ring with a performance match against Roy Jones and won a tie, despite the fact that “Mike Steel” is considered to have played much better.

Not many people of Tyson’s age can challenge younger and more powerful fighters at a higher level, but Foreman could judge that ability better than anyone else. He is the oldest martial artist ever to hold a world heavyweight title at the age of 45, having beaten a 19-year-old opponent in 1994, and Foreman believes Tyson can.

“If Tyson keeps his current physique, regains his youth and all the other things in life go well, he might have a chance of winning the championship at this age. If Tyson is properly instructed he will be the time to challenge a true heavyweight champion, and be able to knock out this champion”, Foreman told USA Today.

Maybe the result of Mike Tyson’s match against Jones was inconclusive with points, but clearly at the age of 54, Mike Tyson still made many people admire when watching the practice clips, punching his opponent like machine gun of “Punch steel”.

Despite initial concerns, the Mike Tyson – Roy Jones Jr boxing event was an unexpected financial success. According to information from ESPN, the event has had an unexpectedly high viewership count in the US alone, with 1.2 million people buying the event to watch on cable television.

With that number, the Tyson – Jones match in the US had an even higher audience of 350,000 than the Tyson Fury – Deontay Wilder match held this year, considered the best Boxing event in recent times. ESPN journalist Dan Rafael has an explanation for the success of the boxing event between two fighters over the age of 50.

“I think such a large number is due to the nostalgia of the fans when they were at home due to the epidemic, and it was true at Thanksgiving. Furthermore the watch price is 50 USD, while recent events sold for 80 USD and arguably too expensive. That is not to mention the curiosity and curiosity of the fans after 15 years Mike Tyson has not been on the phone, ”commented Rafael.

The MMA is still a professional sport and does not host Olympic games, which are reserved for amateurs only, but Khabib Nurmagomedov thinks MMA deserves a place in the Olympics.

Khabib said in a recent press conference that he wanted to meet IOC International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach to make this a reality.

“Making MMA games an Olympic sport is one of my main goals for the coming years. If it wasn’t for the Paris 2024 Olympics, I hope it would be in Los Angeles”, Khabib said. “The level of violence will be an issue because the IOC doesn’t want a bloody sport, but the MMA will be as charismatic in the Olympics as football or athletics.”