Mike Tyson is not the heaviest puncher from a professional perspective

According to statistics, Mike Tyson, heavyweight boxing legend Mike Tyson is not the heaviest puncher.

Recently, LFSports has used the statistics of all heavy boxers and ranked punchers. The surprise is that Mike Tyson was not the heaviest puncher, as everyone thinks.

  1. Deontay Wilder (KO rate 93.18%)

Known for his powerful straight right punch, Deontay Wilder has been unbeaten in 42 consecutive wins with 40 wins by KO / TKO. The American puncher held the heavyweight WBC championship for five years.

Although not outstanding with his playing technique, Deontay Wilder has the ability to end his opponent at any time. Typically, the rematch with Luis Ortiz in 2019, although the Deontay Wilder match was overwhelming tactically, he only needed one right punch, Luis Ortiz collapsed immediately.

  1. Vitali Klitschko (KO 87.23%)

Although Vitaly Klitschko’s name is less prominent than his brother Wladimir Klitschko, but experts always appreciate the ability of the big brother of Klitschko family. Contrary to Wladimir, Vitaly not only possesses the power of punches, he is also a martial artist with a hard chin.

This is the factor that makes Vitaly Klitschko’s play style somewhat rougher and more beautiful than his brother Wladimir Klitschko. With a knockout rate of 87.23%, he is the champion with the second highest knockout win rate in world heavy boxing history, second only to Rocky’s 87.76%. Marciano and currently ranked 9th in terms of holding the all-time heavyweight championship belt.

  1. Mike Tyson (KO rate 75.86%)

The fact that Mike Tyson is only ranked third in the rankings has surprised many people because in his playing career, this legend has beaten his opponents many times in just 1 to 2 innings. However, if you look at it closely, Mike Tyson’s quick fights are usually against the bottom boxers, while in the even match, Mike Tyson still needs more time to KO.

Conquering the heavyweight championship at just 20 years old, Mike Tyson has entered history as the youngest champion. 50 wins and 44 KO games, Mike Tyson holds the KO to 75.86%.

Recent news that Mike Tyson is on his way back to the ring has recalled glorious memories of the legendary heavyweight puncher’s career.

4. Anthony Joshua (KO 87.5%)

As one of the current three main heavyweight punchers, Anthony Joshua was the 2012 London Olympic Champion. In 2016, Joshua became the heavyweight IBF champion. Following the success, the British puncher defeated the legendary Wladimir Klitschko to unify the WBA and IBO titles in 2017.

Some other famous defeats of Joshua can also be mentioned as Povetkin Dillian Whyte, Joseph Parker, Carlos Takam.

  1. George Foreman (KO 83.95%)

Big, slow, the man of George Foreman was a man of pure strength. The story of George Foreman is also extremely special. He used to retire in 1977. After 10 years of absence, Foreman decided to return to the ring in 1988 when he had become a big, fat, fat old man.

Old age can not match the toughness with young boxers, Foreman is always swung around him like sandbags. George Foreman was aware that his speed was greatly diminished. Therefore, he only focuses on timing and attacks. With a single punch, Foreman could end an entire match.

The year 1994 marked an important milestone for George Foreman as he faced champion Michael Moorer. Old Foreman was given the absolute point, an almost certain victory for Michael Moorer, Foreman unexpectedly threw a right hand, Foreman knocked out champion Michael Moorer and extended his era of heavy dominance.