Mike Tyson is looking forward to “death”

After a life of ups and downs, Mike Tyson is now calm and waiting for death.

Mike Tyson is one of the most talented fighters of all time. So far, his record of becoming the youngest heavyweight boxing champion has yet been surpassed. Despite the period of losing the championship belt and going to jail, MikeTyson is still considered by many as a good example of overcoming adversity.

Mike Tyson’s life was not smooth. At the age of 53, heavyweight legends have shown that he has his own way of seeing life. In a recent interview, Mike “Steel” explained that from his perspective, he was not afraid of death, but was waiting for this.

Mike Tyson later explained that although many people have called him a special person so far, he realized he was not. Even so, Mike Tyson tries to think positively: “You can go to jail, you can die, you can be mistreated. I never thought bad things would happen to me, but when that happened, I understood it and tried to resolve it. I have solved many bad problems already, that’s a part of my life. So I don’t stumble anymore. I understand who will also less luck. When something bad happens, I will try to achieve something, I will not be discouraged.”

People are often afraid of death when they feel nostalgic for what they have not done. That regret may be fame, it may also be a family meal, or simply an missed opportunity.

There are many choices in life and everyone will have to go through the trade-offs. Mike Tyson had traded too much, but now he was awake enough to find true life. Perhaps that is why the heavyweight world legend welcomes death like an old friend.