Maidana claims to still have Mayweather’s broken tooth

Floyd Mayweather’s most difficult opponent said he kept Mayweather’s teeth in a battle many years ago.

Marcos Maidana, one of Mayweather’s toughest opponents in recent times, has been constantly chasing the American legend. In both matches with Mayweather, Marcos Maida has done a good job of pushing the opponent and launching heavyweight punches accurately.

Even in a notorious blow, the camera was able to film a small white object, said to be teeth flying out of Mayweather’s mouth. Recently, the Argentinian puncher also said he had his ill-fated tooth recovered after the game as a souvenir. He just posted the picture of a restored tooth into a pendant and immediately made the fan go crazy.

On Mayweather’s side, he denied that Maidana had broken his teeth, but he admitted that it was a perfect punch: “In the third half, he punched me with a punch right after the bell, it was a blow. quality punch. It caught my attention. It’s not the best punch I’ve ever received, but it caught my attention”.

“No. He didn’t break my teeth. Not at all! He’s a heavy and skillful puncher, but he can’t blow my teeth. Absolutely not”. – Mayweather confirmed.

The punch is believed to have broken Mayweather’s teeth. Mayweather then spewed out a white object very similar to the front teeth.

Maidana is also one of the few opponents that Mayweather accepts to a rematch. As an unwritten code, as long as an opponent makes it too easy, even causes too much controversy for Mayweather, this legend decided to rematch. Castillo and Maidana are two special names that are rematched with Mayweather, even Manny Pacquiao and Manuel Marquez do not have a rematch before the American legend.