Justin Gaethje takes the throne, Conor McGregor challenges the whole weight class

Conor’s attack on the lightweight leaders once again caused the rankings to rise.

Justin Gaethje defeated Tony Ferguson at UFC 249, so the UFC light weight department also changed. Gaethje is now the owner of the Interim Lightweight belt and officially competes with Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Facing this situation, Conor McGregor suddenly posted a series of status on Twitter individually talking about each opponent in the Top 5 Lightweight and the “future” of each person. 

Justin Gaethje lên ngôi, Conor McGregor thách thức cả hạng cân

“I really like Tony.” – Conor mentioned. “But having to confess the state and the preparation for the game is really embarrassing. Tony’s way of practicing and talking is interesting but it’s hard to understand those things, even though they are really tough.” 

“It will be a Dustin match. Tony when Tony recovered. Dustin will easily take down Tony without a suitable change, which I believe will not happen. But Dustin will win and lose again, again and again, that’s Dustin’s career. ” – Conor continues to target former champion Dustin Poirier, who is ranked 3rd in Lightweight. 

After referring to the two “defeated generals,” Conor McGregor mentioned the duo Justin Gaethje and Khabib Nurmagomedov, who currently hold the title.  

“Justin, who is a foot-hugging man, is nothing dangerous, we all know that.” – Conor did not forget Khabib Nurmagomedov. “Try the real threat you still want. I will cut your flesh, use your teeth as a chain. Speaking of my skills as a superior, I’m sure of it.

Justin Gaethje lên ngôi, Conor McGregor thách thức cả hạng cân

“Khabib, you are a real shame. Run and hide like a mouse like I said many times before. Something like “Nothing to comment on”, it’s embarrassing to talk about such a real match.” – Conor headed straight to Khabib. 

Continuing to comment on the same-class rivals, it can be seen that Conor McGregor is very interested in coming back. However, the Irish puncher has never directed a specific name when the ability to return in his season is still very low.