Jon Jones was able to compete for heavy immediately

Just announced the removal of the heavy semi-heavy belt shortly, Jon Jones was promised by UFC President Dana White the opportunity to compete in the future heavy belt.

Jon Jones was able to compete for heavy immediately. When Jon Jones announced his abandonment of the UFC semi-heavy belt in search of new glory in the heavyweight, many fans were expecting him to have a title match or at least just a warm-up before going to the big game. 

Dana White, UFC president once shared that he was not very enthusiastic about arranging for the match between Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou. Recently, however, he announced that Jon Jones’s feats in the heavyweight (11 successful belt defenses) would be the guarantee factor for an instant title in the new weight class.

Perhaps Dana should do so, because Jon Jones’ dominance in the heavyweight category lasted so long, audiences were looking forward to the puncher going to the title heavyweight. Fans even called on Jon Jones to step up the heavyweight before Conor McGregor became a star at the UFC.

Dana White replied,  “Of course. I mean Jon Jones is unbeaten. He’s never been beaten. Mazzagatti (the worst referee in UFC history) has been retired for a long time. I mean. Not to knock Jones, but you know. Jon Jones is invincible. “

Stepping up the heavyweight, the UFC has a lot of options for Jon Jones from a match against Stipe Miocic to the ability to clash with two heavy KO monsters, Francis Ngannou and Derrick Lewis. Not to mention the possibility that Anthony Johnson, Jon Jones’s once-missed rival, is also raising his intention to return to the ring. Even under the most ideal conditions, the UFC can convince Daniel Cormier to take over again before officially retiring.