Is Tyson Fury using a fake name?

Dillian Whyte, the silver belt champion of the heavyweight WBC recently announced that Tyson Fury is not the birth name of the current heavyweight WBC champion.

Recently, Dillian Whyte has declared conspiracy theory sounds somewhat crazy: Tyson Fury is not the birth name of the heavyweight champion WBC. Dillian Whyte, the recent heavyweight WBC silver belt champion is known for repeatedly screaming for an official title contest. Whyte has been a WBC silver belt champion since DeoWilder was holding the heavy WBC belt until he lost it.

Accordingly, Dillian Whyte claims, the real name of the heavyweight WBC champion is Luke Fury, but “Gypsy King” has borrowed legendary Mike Tyson to achieve brand success.

Dillian Whyte said that the name Luke will not do anything great compared to the name Tyson, the world’s biggest professional Boxing brand. Dillian Whyte also claimed that he had enough evidence of Tyson Fury’s true identity.

“He changed his name to Tyson to make himself sound more fierce. Everyone can go to the internet and check if I’m right. In Boxing, Tyson’s name is more valuable than Luke’s name. A lot of things that Tyson (Fury) says is just a game, you can’t believe all that comes out of his mouth. He says he wants to fight me, but how can you trust a guy who can’t even use his real name?” Dillian Whyte was frank.

For now, Dillian Whyte is scheduled to take on Alexander Povetkin. And if you win, Dillian Whyte has more chances to win the official WBC title with Tyson Fury. It is also difficult to blame Dillian Whyte for this puncher since the defeat to heavyweight superstar Anthony Joshua has performed a very good performance with many consecutive 11 wins but still has the odds of not being able to compete for the main title. stay awake.

5 years unbeaten with only 1 loss in his career and still not having a chance to compete for the title is clearly too unfair for Dillian Whyte. Up to now, it seems that when the main road cannot apply for the title, Dillian Whyte has started to resort to “dirty cowardice” from announcing the results of the opponents’ sparrring to the attack, to attack… The most recent is the conspiracy theories about the identity of the new king WBC Tyson Fury.