History and growth of boxing

Boxing being an ancient sport, both amateur and professional, involves attack and defense with his opponent. Boxers who match in weight and ability will wear padded gloves and comply with the rule to defeat competitors legally. When referring history of boxing, it was long stories introduced to the ancient Olympic Games in the 7th century BC and it still is grown successfully until now.

In the beginning

A few documents point out that boxing appeared in Egypt around 3000BC where the Greeks developed strongly. They said that boxing was applied to the ancient Olympic Games by the king and the queen in the Greeks. However the rule and method of boxing was completely different when boxers were tied by soft leather thongs then they had to face to face and defeat opponent by head, leg or any part on body.

In the Roman period

According to the improvement process, in Rome history, leather thongs were replaced by cestus which was a glove studded with metal. But this change caused more troubles and accidents for boxers. So ending of one boxing match, they saw the terrible death of one or both contestant.

Amateur boxing development

After the fall of the Roman Empire, boxing also was ended abruptly because the terrible consequence was caused for boxers. Until 1880s, it began to appear again officially with many good changes. It started at England so this nation is considered as the home of boxing. For first matches, it involved 5 weight classes in one contest, like: Bantam- not exceeding to 54 kilos, Feather, not exceeding 57 kilos, light-not exceeding to 63.5 kilos, middle- not exceeding to 73 kilos and finally heavy- any weight boxer proposed.

Olympic history

The first time in boxing was introduced for Olympic in 1904 Games at St Louis which remarked an important event of boxing. For many times of Olympic, boxers in the USA took all the medals. They dominated boxing in a long time for history of boxing.