Donald Trump, Mike Tyson’s lifelong benefactor

Despite his fame in two completely different fields, Mike Tyson and Donald Trump have a very close and close friendship. If Donald Trump does not appear, surely Mike Tyson’s life is still in the abyss today.

The current US President Donald Trump and heavyweight boxing legend Mike Tyson are best friends, but it seems that, for Mike Tyson, Donald Trump is also a tribute to Mike Tyson.

Everyone knows that, when he was young, Mike Tyson was a rebellious star, the “worst on earth” according to what the champion himself said. Mike Tyson’s mischiefs, scandals and scandalous life are what pushed Mike Tyson’s life down the cliff.

The aura came too soon, the young Mike Tyson quickly became a good prey for tycoons and flirtatious diggers just scratching Mike Tyson. Only Donald Trump is the one who did not “look” at the champion’s assets. In contrast, the US real estate magnate and Mike Tyson create big games with hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue divided equally between the two sides. Donald Trump even helped Mike Tyson engage in real estate, where this legend is purely a “lamb with a huge wallet”.

That was not enough, Trump even disregarded the reputation and a mountain of money to save Mike Tyson from two porn cases in 1988 and 1991. In addition, unofficial sources said that Trump was willing to give Tyson was any of the goddesses this legendary puncher loved. In addition to many publicly calling Mike Tyson a “friend” in front of the camera, Trump also kept many of Mike Tyson’s mementos in his building, including the WBC belt that Mike Tyson forced Michael Spinks to let go in 1988.

To Tyson, Trump is a lifelong benefactor that must not be forgotten. Without Trump, Mike Tyson is probably sitting behind bars and spending the rest of his life not enough to pay off his 60-year prison sentence after the Desiree Washington (1991) rape. Mike’s life has been brought up to the top by Don King and thrown into the abyss. Don trampled Mike Tyson with all sorts of fun games such as wearing a boxing dress in his bad career days.

Trump, on the other hand, treats Mike Tyson with kindness and respect, an attitude that has never changed since Mike Tyson was king to an impending conviction. Tyson once turned his back and filed a lawsuit against Don King, but will forever be the mic in support and say good things about Trump. That is certainly difficult to change.