Boxing Styles and Techniques

Different boxers use different styles and techniques when fighting. There are four generally accepted styles which include out-boxer, slugger, swarmer, and boxer-puncher. Each of these styles has its own subgroups. Every style has its own advantages and disadvantages over the other forms. Below are types of boxers by the kind of methods and techniques they use in the ring.


Out-boxers maintain a gap between them and their opponent. They tend to fight very fast and throw long-range punches. They are speedy and rely on the weaker shots and straights, and they tend to accumulate points rather than knockouts. Because of this, most out-boxers win by points and not knockout.


Sluggers are brutal. They lack finesse in the ring, although they have powerful punches and they can knock out opponents with a single punch. They are less mobile in the ring and struggle to fight with opponents who are faster on their feet. Sluggers throw fewer punches and harder shots. Their punching is predictable, hence prone to counter punching.


Swarmers try to overwhelm their opponent by applying constant pressure which denies the opponent space and time to counter punch. They have good power and punch output. They tend to close inside an opponent and overwhelm them with their intense punching. Just like out-boxers, they are fast on their feet. Many of them are shorter with short reaches.


It is not easy to categorise boxers who use this style since they tend to have characteristics of the boxers using the other styles. Boxer-punchers and out-boxers have many things in common, although they tend to fight more aggressively like swarmers. They also tend to be less mobile and defensive. They win over out-boxers when they match their mobility and speed, and also win over swarmers since their extra power works against swarmers aggression.