Boxing Equipment

Boxing matches are intense and may lead to injuries and in some extreme cases, death. Therefore, boxers need to protect themselves adequately during a match. This can be done by using conventionally accepted equipment which is allowed in the boxing ring. Below is some typical gear which boxers use to protect themselves.

Equipment Needed in Boxing

  • Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves are worn by boxers during training and a fighting match. They protect the boxer’s hands from the injury caused by the punching force. They are heavily padded, hence different from regular gloves. In some instances, gloves worn during the match are different in weight from the ones used during training.

  • Wrist Wrap

Boxers wind a simple strip of cloth around their hand and wrist before wearing boxing gloves. Fingerless gloves can also be used as well. They are called wrist wraps and are used to protect the bones and keep the joints aligned. They also make the boxers feel less pain when punching the opponent hard.

  • Mouthguard

A mouthguard is worn to protect the mouth, jaws and teeth of the boxer from the impact of punches from the opponent. Since boxers are allowed to hit the head and the face of their opponent, it is vital for them to wear the mouthguard to protect them from the opponent’s blows.

  • Footwear

Boxers wear shoes with soft soles to avoid injuring their opponents when they accidentally step on them. The shoes can be high cut or low cut depending on the boxer preference. High cut shoes protect ankles while low cut shoes enhance mobility and speed during the fight.

These are the most common pieces of equipment used by boxers in the ring. However, depending on the level of the sport and the jurisdiction, this equipment might differ in terms of specifications.