Billy Joe Saunders was miserable because he released a video about hitting his wife

Billy Joe Saunders may be the world’s greatest puncher, but outside the ring, Saunders is famous for his self-poking tricks.

If before, the men had a lot of reasons to avoid staying at home with his wife, COVID-19 came and nearly every man was “locked up” at home with his wife. Understanding the boredom and fear of husbands every time the “Princess” grumbled, Billy Joe Saunders released a video showing how to deal with his wife in the Corona season with … Boxing.

More specifically, the super champion WBO Saunders, offered advice: “If your woman is coming to you with words that are torrential in your face punched her chin”.

Billy Joe Saunders khốn đốn vì tung clip dạy đánh vợ tại nhà

To talk more about Saunders’s professionalism, he gave the same situation as an old coach. He said while stating the “technique” on the sandbag: “Remember that the first punch is not the finishing blow, it is a bewildering punch, she will be bewildered because she does not think you do. And … BOOM … Knockout. ”

Naturally, the joke of Sauders has offended many people. After receiving a series of offensive comments, the sultry British champion posted a correction: “I will never tolerate domestic violence and if I see a man touching into a woman, I’ll beat him up myself. Sorry if I accidentally offend any woman”.

Billy Joe Saunders khốn đốn vì tung clip dạy đánh vợ tại nhà

Besides the unbeaten record and the best middle-class intelligence, English boxer Billy Joel Saunders is famous for his thoughtless actions. Perhaps when he had spent too much gray matter in the ring, he was too lazy or had run out of energy in everyday dealings. In 2018, Billy Joel Saunders stormed when he prank a drug addict girl and live stream this situation.

As for the COVID-19, if your woman misses a grumble, find another way instead of following the advice of world champion Billy Joe Saunders.