Billy Joe Saunders has his boxing license revoked

British boxer Billy Joe Saunders is having too much trouble because of a funny joke video clip.

If the men had once had a lot of reasons to avoid staying at home with their wives, COVID-19 came and nearly every man was locked in the house with his wife. Understanding the frustration and fear of husbands every time they grow up, Billy Joe Saunders released a video showing how to deal with his wife, Corona, with boxing.

To be more specific, super champion WBO Saunders, offered advice: “If your woman is approaching you with words that are torrential in your face. Then get out of the way and hit the punch on her chin”.

Billy Joe Saunders bị tước giấy phép đấu boxing vì video dạy đánh vợ

British boxer Billy Joe Saunders was suspended by the British Boxing Board (BBBoC) because of a video clip teaching “beat his wife” at home. In the video, the super champion WBO teaches men how to “protect themselves” in situations where the wife and the champion use sandbags as an example.

Saunders’s boss, Eddie Hearn, doesn’t care about his staff and constantly considers Billy Joe Saunder’s actions to be thoughtless. In an interview with TalkSport, Eddie Hearn said: “I was horrified. This was stupid, it was frustrating because I knew Billy very well. He was a really kind head big guy, with a big heart, but sometimes he does the stupidest things”.

Eddie Hearn continued: “This is unacceptable for a world champion. Those who have been abused are also watching that video. You cannot do it, it is not acceptable.”

Saunders apologized on Twitter after the video received too much criticism. However, Saunders’s efforts failed to save his account, as it seemed to be suspended just like Saunders’s playing career.

Billy Joe Saunders bị tước giấy phép đấu boxing vì video dạy đánh vợ

In 2018, Saunders was fined £ 100,000 (nearly 3 billion) by BBBoC after appearing in a video where he provided a drug worth £ 150 for an addicted woman to commit sexual acts. sex or punching people across the road. In the video, she punches a man before Saunders drives away and laughs.

Saunders, the unbeatable super-mid-sized WBO champion, was scheduled to top the stage with superstar Canelo Alvarez on May 2 in Las Vegas. However, the match was postponed because of COVID-19. It is still unclear how the BBBoC decision will impact Saunders’s matches in the US.