Anthony Joshua won Kubrat Pulev’s knockout after 9 matches

After 9 rounds of brainstorming, Anthony Joshua successfully returned to defend four championships with a beautiful knockout victory over Kubrat Pulev.

Returning to victory over Andy Ruiz, heavyweight glove Anthony Joshua continues his journey to defend four WBA (Super), IBF, WBO, and IBO titles in the world. This time, Joshua’s opponent is who owns a record of 28 wins – 1 loss, a boxer from Bulgaria – Kubrat Pulev.

Although it was a bit difficult to find the chances to attack, Anthony Joshua still seemed to be able to use their skill at attacking before reaching a knockout strike against Kubrat Pulev after 2 minutes 15 seconds of the 9th half.

Now, the British puncher can wait for the next opponent to be Tyson Fury – the WBC champion or Olekxandr Usyk – the recently promoted Cruiserweight champion.

Round 9: Tackle, left hook and constant pressure from Anthony Joshua. Left stomach and 4 consecutive hits from Joshua.

Scooping from Joshua and Pulev to be knocked out for the third time. Joshua and knockdown for the 4th time, the match ended with Anthony Joshua knockout at 2 minutes 15 seconds of round 9.

Round 8: The referee reminds two boxers to not attack when holding the record and after giving the signal. Pulev launched the exact 1-2 combination. Joshua paid with his left hook – shoveled immediately. Face-to-belly poke from Joshua before round 8 is over.

Round 7: The struggle continues to maintain. Anthony Joshua and Pulev both missed the chance to hit the right back after many close pressures.

Round 6: Joshua maintains a close tactic with left play. Pulev counterattacked the backhand but continued to hit a straight right shot from the opponent. Left and right punch combo from Joshua. Pulev ended the sixth half with a left hook.

Round 5: Opening right from Joshua. Incorrect left hook after a series of left jabs from Joshua. The British puncher is still dominating the scoreboard.

Round 4: Opening left turn from Joshua. Pulev made the first attack but failed. Joshua repeatedly poked left to find opportunities for the back hand. Two boxers continuously approached when Joshua tried to attack internally.

Round 3: Anthony Joshua rushed in after repelling Pulev at the beginning of the third half. The Bulgari glove showed no harm but soon turned his head and went through the first count from the referee.

Anthony Joshua continued to push until the second knockdown phase 2. The third half ended with a situation of trying to beat two boxers after the bell rang.

Round 2: Joshua continued to score with a left poke, a combination that ended with a right scoop in the face of Pulev. Left hook from both but incorrect.

Round 1: The gloves approached the game quite slowly. Both Joshua and Pulev used the orthodox position. Joshua took the edge with more left shots in the first half.