Andy Ruiz – Victim of poverty in California

Andy Ruiz’s loss to Anthony Joshua did not simply come from Joshua having a solid strategy. But if you go beyond the four wires, you will see there is a more humane reason in the world out there where Andy Ruiz was born and raised.

Recently, Andy Ruiz’s former coach Manny Robbles spoke out about the failure of the former heavyweight champion. He said that Andy Ruiz had a difficult childhood. Growing up in the streets and living in the slums, Ruiz’s parents were among the low-income. He often gathered with friends on busy roads and sometimes that obstructed traffic.

Andy Ruiz - Nạn nhân của cái nghèo ở xứ California

Andy Ruiz seemed to have nothing in hand until he defeated Anthony Joshua, and the richness of glory after that game swallowed him. Andy began to neglect his practice and his constant partying, not caring that he was having a rematch before him. That means he is about to lose his championship. And whatever came, Andy Ruiz lost to Anthony Joshua in December on the Saudi stage. Perhaps it was too late for Andy to realize his mistakes.

“And Andy’s entire life never seemed to see the light of wealth. Then suddenly one day I woke up to find myself famous and owned millions of dollars in bank accounts. It was too much for Andy, he was overwhelmed by success. And things have started to get worse since then” – Manny Robbles added.

Part of the mistake is that Andy was unable to control himself. But also can not blame Andy completely. Money and fame make many people blind, and it’s even worse when the owner of the money is a well-educated child who has suffered from poverty for decades.

Andy Ruiz - Nạn nhân của cái nghèo ở xứ California

It can be said that Andy Ruiz is like a Mike Tyson today, born in poverty and penniless. They came to boxing and asked boxing to change their lives, but success made them overwhelmed and when they could not control, they fell into the mud of temptations.

However, unlike Mike Tyson, Andy Ruiz did not have the guidance of a passionate and tolerant “father” like Cus D’Amato so he soon fell off. Anyway, Andy is not as strong as Mike, he is still young and his career is not over. Perhaps, if Andy realized how money had ruined him and learned from it, then the chance to once again shine in the world boxing arena would not be too far-fetched for Andy Ruiz.