6 things to know when learning about Mcgregor (Part 2)

  1. Each received a pension to live.

In 2013, McGregor was so poor that he received social welfare (about 235 USD). However, after the first professional match at UFC, McGregor won a prize of up to $ 60,000 for knocking out puncher Marcus Brimage.

Conor McGregor là ai?

  1. Conor McGregor is the UFC record holder.

Conor McGregor currently holds many records at UFC, including:

– Own many wins with K.O. Featherweight first place: 6 matches.

– The historic 13 seconds victory over Jose Aldo at UFC 189 is the fastest victory in the UFC title match.

– Ranked 6th in the Top boxers with many consecutive victories by K.O. most UFC history (after Chuck Liddell, Thiago Alves, Matt Brown, Junior Dos Santos and Ricco Rodriguez).

– Possessing the least amount of playing time in UFC’s Featherweight history. Conor McGregor only takes 5 minutes 35 seconds on average.

– The highest frequency of strikes in UFC’s Featherweight history: 5.53 strikes/minute.

  1. Win fastest with 3.5 seconds time.

The “13-second victory” over Jose Aldo was a great victory as it brought Conor McGregor the UFC Featherweight belt. However, it is still not the fastest victory in the career of Irish boxers. On April 16, 2011, at IFC – Immortal Fighting Championship 4 (an MMA event in Ireland), Conor McGregor only took 3.5 seconds to defeat Paddy Doherty. This is the fastest victory of Conor McGregor so far.

  1. Grateful Ido Portal.

To be successful today, in addition to hard training, Conor McGregor is extremely grateful to the Israeli coach, Ido Portal. This guy has more than 10 years of research on how to move in competition and is a factor that greatly influenced the success of the boxer dubbed the crazy guy.

Kỷ lục gia Conor McGregor

  1. Standard fashion sense.

As a professional punch but Conor McGregor is also very connoisseurs of fashion. He is always the most prominent in the martial arts world with a suit. At the Dublin’s Peter gala night in 2014, McGregor was honored to receive the “Most Stylish Irish Man” award.

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