4 signs that you are a genuine MMA fan

If you are a genuine MMA fan, you will easily catch yourself through the signs below.

With strong promotion and communication, professional MMA tournaments such as ONE Championship, UFC, Bellator … have gradually become familiar with audiences and attracted a large number of fans. However, are you a true quality MMA fan? Let’s also review the basic features below. 

1. Always try to vindicate for MMA

MMA is undeniably more violent than other traditional sports like football, volleyball, or even Boxing. However, thinking that MMA was born and developed up to the present time to promote violent images is a completely wrong thought.

MMA is a combination of techniques of many martial arts, therefore, it opens up a whole new category for traditional martial arts to exploit, develop and adapt itself. 

MMA has brought about the development of martial arts, along with the development of human body science research: medical, physiology, sports science … Professional MMA is the perfect environment to combine martial arts transmission. systems and applications of science and technology.

Like every sport, has reached a professional level, behind every performance of the boxers is the scientific, methodical at extremely high levels.  

As mentioned above, MMA is the development of martial arts, therefore, the concept of superior martial arts, martial spirit, respect for opponents often appears on the stage. It shows that MMA is completely conceived to encourage pure violent thoughts. And more than anyone, the true fans always try to show this strong beauty of MMA.

2. Understand how tournaments are built and advertised

UFC in America, ONE Championship in Asia, and MMA tournaments in Europe, … each region and region in the world, MMA is promoted according to very different criteria. Understanding this difference will help you become a quality MMA fan than ever.  

If UFC or European-American tournaments let martial artists confidently show their personalities and even direct the attack on the opponent through interviews to attract the audience, then the tournament values ​​martial values. Traditional techniques like the ONE Championship put the martial arts elements in respect of the opponent first.


This is the difference in the way tournaments like the UFC or ONE Championship are built, understanding this, you will prepare a better mood every time you follow the events.

3. Understand basic information of boxers

Becoming a “quality” MMA fan also needs basic elements such as information about events, time, the characteristics of matches (title, protection, promotion, etc.). Or dig deeper to learn the personal information, biographies and achievements of the boxers. 

Usually, the official websites of the tournaments have biographies and achievements of the boxers for fans to learn. 

4. Learn about basic techniques and terminology

Like any other sport, MMA has the terms of traditional martial arts in general. In addition, with the growing and complex characteristics, MMA itself generates its own terms. Watching and paying attention to the concepts raised is the most direct way to understand these terms.