10 wrong practice thoughts often appear in Boxing (Part 5)

9. Disregard for stretching exercises

“Boxer is the power in every blow,” this thought has made many newcomers too focused on forcing the body to build muscle.

They think that it only takes a huge muscle “looks like boxers” to produce a powerful punch like an idol. Especially when their idols are heavy fighters like Mike Tyson. 

This is a misunderstanding, or rather a lack of physical training not only with Boxing but many other martial arts fighting. This is when activities such as muscle relaxation, relaxation, or plastic stretching are overlooked. 

From the perspective of senior trainers, when starting the session, it is recommended to use forms of Dynamic Stretching to heat and warm up, stimulate muscle activity.

And at the end of the workout, static stretching is very suitable to increase flexibility, limit the movement of muscles without causing a high risk of injury.

10. Improper nutrition

If exercise is the process of building a home, nutrition is like the materials to do it.

Regardless of the construction method, it is difficult for the house to be sturdy if using non-guaranteed materials. Unfortunately, nutrition in Boxing is not so focused.

Vasyl Lomachenko – A martial artist known for his persistence about his nutritional lesson plan:

To be able to understand and build an appropriate nutrition route, boxers need the help of skilled trainers or nutrition experts.

If you want to become a martial artist, even amateur, nutrition is a must if you do not want to be left behind in the gym. 

It can be said that these 10 factors are the most common mistakes and shortcomings during Boxing training.

Most of these errors come from a lack of basic knowledge of sports science and its application in martial arts practice, specifically here Boxing.