10 wrong practice thoughts often appear in Boxing (Part 4)

7. Abdominal practice “taking numbers” 

With the task of connecting, transmitting torque and stabilizing the body, the core group (core) plays a very important role in Boxing. 

In fact, the core consists of a lot of different muscles such as the abdominal muscles, the middle back muscles and the lower back muscles, in addition to the buttocks, hips … All have a stable role for the the motion of the punch.

Keep track of how Manny Pacquiao uses a variety of ab exercises

However, the current core training only stop at the “belly”. Even, there is the notion that a thousand-fold is enough to train the core area . This can lead to an imbalance when other muscle groups are not properly and properly trained.

In addition to folding, the deadlift or squat exercises also help core muscles improve the ability to “pull”, “pull” in the motion of the punch.

Besides, a very good method to practice the core area is the overhead squat. 

8. Limit your neck muscles

Although often included in the training curriculum, the ancient exercises of some Boxing coaches are still limited in diversity.

One of the most familiar exercises is to use a sling rope to hang around your neck and bend your neck up and down.

However, the neck also includes many complex muscle groups that serve omnidirectional movements, so one or two simple neck bends can hardly improve them all.

Boxer should also pay attention to the movements of the neck horizontally and diagonally, in addition, the training of the trapezoid region (the rear muscle group attached to the neck – the back and the shoulders) can also improve the “stiffness” of the neck. friend.

Some exercises that can be referenced such as power clean, shoulder shrug or even deadlift are worth reference.

Exercising neck muscles in addition to avoiding the risk of knockout also helps fighters avoid unwanted injuries when they have to go through many hours of continuous practice for a few weeks or months. Therefore, neck exercises need to be allocated and selected scientifically by experienced coaches