10 wrong practice thoughts often appear in Boxing (Part 3)

5. Say no to weight training

Pushing weights in place of punching exercises can lead many people to protest that¬†It’s not Boxing.”¬†

“Weight training is slow, weight training is only bigger, not for the punch, big is not necessarily strong punch” is a common thought of many martial artists and even the coaches. This represents a serious omission of sports science knowledge and physical training.

However, it should be pointed out that weight training for Boxing is not the same as weight training for any other discipline. Because, weights are just a supplementary exercise to build muscle and need a reasonable choice before applying.

Weight training is actually a form of resistance training (resistant training) to increase muscle quality. Of course, the muscles during weight training will get bigger. However, when used in the right way, in mass and in combination with Boxing’s professional articles, the boxer will both improve muscle quality, and can easily use them for Boxing. 

6. Lack of grip work exercises 

In Boxing, one of the most common injuries is in the neck and hands – the first place to receive the reaction of each punch.

That is why exercises to strengthen the ability to tighten the hands (grip), strengthen the strength of the biceps (forearms) and wrists are essential.

Many Boxer believe that the use of cloth bandages, even gauze-tapes and knuckle guards, and a pair of fine gloves to protect delicate hands.

However, under the pressure of hundreds of punches weighing from several tens to hundreds of kilograms, your hands still need to perform strengthening exercises like many other parts.

However, with the part has many small bones, thin and vulnerable on the body. Wrist exercises require close monitoring from professional trainers and the right equipment: for example, specialized weightlifting with rotating sleeves. In addition, weight training is also a factor to be considered, avoiding over-exercise your wrist.