10 wrong practice thoughts often appear in Boxing (Part 2)

2. Focus on quantity instead of quality

This is common in traditional practice thinking, focusing too much on “numbers” instead of quality.

As mentioned above, jumping rope for hours, jogging for hours does not give the boxer a perfect physique before the game. And the body also needs to recover from long-term training.

Normally, a Boxing match does not last more than 1 hour. Therefore, post-launch specialized exercises should not exceed this time if you want to focus on the quality of the exercise. “Quality” here can be the requirements of careful implementation, tactics in practice.

3. Practice too many specialized modifications.

It sounds paradoxical, because everyone thinks that the focus of specialized exercises (sport-specific workout) will make your body “wholeheartedly” for Boxing. But did anyone think about the risks of “overreaching”. 

A simple example is a tire beating post. This is an exercise that helps develop the inner diagonal muscle group, an important muscle group that helps stabilize the body during twisted movements. Very effective for this muscle group, but breaking the tire also creates a small pressure requirement on the shoulder muscles. Therefore, taking advantage of this exercise too much will force your shoulder to work too much, easily leading to injury. 

4. Punch the wind with the barbell

When watching the videos of Floyd Mayweather, Gennady Golovkin, … surely we are not uncommon excercise of practicing these boxers using 1-2kg dumbbells to punch the wind.┬áBut is this exercise really appropriate?

The familiar explanation of this exercise is to get your hands used to the weight, from which the weight will be released faster. However, forcing your right hand to perform punches and weightlifting will make precision movement patterns unnecessary.

In particular, the practitioner does not have the technical precision, when using the weight punch will make it more difficult for the body to correct errors and easily lead to injuries.

Even the practice of punching with long weights will make your shoulders quickly tired after just a few minutes, affecting performance. Therefore, if you really want to improve the load capacity of your hands and shoulders, try switching to weightlifting exercises or using resistance bands.