10 wrong practice thoughts often appear in Boxing (Part 1)

In this article, we will come to the factors that are less noticeable but can help a lot in becoming a good Boxer.

Lifting weights, bending your stomach, punching in the wind, jogging, etc. are all familiar exercises for Boxing. However, whether every boxer understands and applies it in the most appropriate way.

If compared between fighting martial arts, Boxing is probably the most specialized discipline. Thinking, dodged head, fist, legs moving, body turned … every part of the boxer body has a different task.

Therefore, choosing and applying the exercises properly is a key factor to help boxers have the best body before stepping on the stage. 

However, not all martial artists or coaches understand the function and the role of the training forms, making their time and physical strength of their fists wasted in vain. Not only that, but the potential dangers of not being able to prepare for a match or a stressful training course can also occur, directly affecting the upper stage.

And to avoid making Boxer training mistakes, let’s take a look at some of the typical wrong thinking below during practice.

1. Jump rope, jog too long

Jump rope, jogging is one of the familiar forms of boots of Boxer before every intense training session. However, jumping a few dozen minutes rope rope or running for hours is not so effective.

Boxing is a martial art with a relatively fast competition. Therefore, a skipping should only be limited to a short time of less than 15 minutes, enough for the body to heat up and get used to the increasing pace. Similar to the jogging exercise, in fact, running 3 or 5km more is not optimal with starting a Boxer.

Because once the jumper – jogging lasts too long, the body will get used to their pace, so that, instead of “warming”, the whole boxer body will gradually fall into a state of fatigue. tired and slow down. At this time, if combined with high-speed exercises like footwork, the body will not understand and meet your requirements.

Instead of endurance running, people practicing Boxing can apply speedy running alternating between short breaks. This is considered a method of simulating the actual match pace rather than long running resistance exercises.